Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Upcycled Tank Top Project

I wanted to share another little project from my current online class Recycling Remix!  This week is using and reusing fabric in different ways.  I started this simple upcycled tank top project at the Long Beach Quilt Festival last week as an example of HOW SIMPLE and COOL carved vegi stamps can be but I have taken the project a little further.

I think we all have a tank top or even t-shirts in our closets that are old or just not very exciting- this simple project will transform plain tops to fun embellished fashion!!

Start by carving a stamp from your vegi of choice (personally I like sweet potatoes the best!) I use wood carving tools but you can also use an exacto blade or even a very sharp knife.

Then stamp all over the tamk top or tee- I used black silkscreen ink but you could also use fabric paint or even acrylic paint (I guarantee none of the above will come out in the wash!) I decided to only stamp around the v of the tank.

Next, I embellished the tank with colorful little buttons.  

And...VOILA!!!! A colorful, sassy and one of kind transformed tank!!!


Anonymous said...

Just adorable! So perfect for summer. I mix a special fabric medium (found in craft paint section of Michaels and AC Moore) with my acrylic paints and it makes it more flexible for fabric. Can't WAIT to try this technique on some of my tired old tees. Thanks Alisa!

debinsf said...

sassy, indeed! Even looks cute on. Yip!

Karen Cole said...

You are SO clever!

Marlis said...

soooo cool! thanks!

anna maria said...

Great results. Who would think that a yellow t-shirt, black paint and colorful buttons would look so good?!

violette said...

Looks awesome ALisa! Nice job!

Love, violette

Jan said...

Very cute -- can't wait to try -- thanks for the idea. I have your DVD (from Interweave) and have incorporated some of your great techniques into my collage art. Some of the collage art is on my new blog --

brianna said...

I think I might try this for some of Marley's back to school stuff. It seems totally doable. She's got a few tee shirts that are kinda blah and could maybe use a little spiffing up. I think she would LOVE stamping them herself. Wish me luck, I'm not a crafty gal myself, so this will be an interesting venture.


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