Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hot, Humid and Grumpy!

I have a confession to make...I have been really grumpy this week and I am pretty sure it has to do with the weather in San Diego... IT IS SO HOT AND HUMID HERE!!! 

It is a challenge for me to feel inspired, be productive and get creative when it is hot and I am at home with no cool air all day! Honestly I have been dragging and struggling with my schedule and finding ways to be productive in the heat. So in between prepping for the Long Beach Quilt Festival this weekend, I have been keeping my mind off the heat by doing a lot of this-

and even though it has been hot, I have been doing lots of cooking
(its kinda the one thing that totally relaxes me and I have a dream of opening a cafe one day) 
This week is was zeppoli- homemade italian donuts- OMG SO GOOD!!!

I have also been OBSESSED with my patio garden- I am growing all kinds of flowers, herbs and vegis and I check on the baby lettuce sprouts at least 10 times a day!!!

But thankfully I am all ready to be at the Quilt Festival Thursday-Sunday and am looking forward to meeting with all my favorite peeps!!! I will blogging all weekend so stay tuned!!!


Kathleen said...

94% humidity in central PA. Yuck. Wake up tired and am just slogging around the house trying feel productive. It's weather like this that makes me look forward to fall in July...

jessicajane said...

Those homemade donuts look delicious! Do you happen to have a recipe for them?

anna maria said...

Oh boy! I want to know how you made the Zeppole, my mother used to make the, and I tried once and was not at all satisfied with the results.
Yours look very yummy...stone


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