Saturday, February 14, 2009


It's no mystery for those who know me that I don't like Valentines Day and never have- I'm not sure why- I love LOVE, I love hearts, I love romance, I love going out to dinner, I love giving gifts, I love my husband, I love celebrating my love for my husband but only on my terms!! I believe that everyday spent with those you love and care about should be celebrated as if it were a holiday! So we are are not doing much celebrating today, in fact as I blog we are watching a horror flick (and its freaking me out!) and working on our laptops!  Maybe tomorrow will be more romantic!

My Saturday was spent like any other- working in my studio on the million things that I have to do and despite feeling under the weather, I actually got quite a bit done. I will be drawing names tomorrow for the custom clutch (see below).  And since I have a busy couple of weeks ahead of me, I am limiting my blog to just visual entires - time to try someting different.


Anonymous said...

hi Alisa - I found your blog through Judy Wise. I found Judy Wise and her images at the celebration of the arts, "Art in the Pearl", held here in Portland every summer.In conversation, Judy and I discovered that we had several artist friends in common, including the man who is teaching me printmaking. I am finding the art world to be a small, warm and nurturing place. But I digress.

I really wrote to say that my interpretation of "romantic" has changed over many years of marriage to the same complicated man. I am not sure that I remember him ever giving me flowers but he does change the oil in my car without either of us mentioning it. He will set a fire in the fireplace and maintain it all day while I sit and read by its warmth. He is a remarkable father every day. So, for me, romance comes in all sorts of disguises.

I hope your weekend holds everything you wish for.

Anonymous said...

Oh dearest Alisa. Always going against the grain. What you write rings so true. I also feel the same towards such a commercial holiday. I love being in love and I love feeling loved and loving someone. However, being married now means I have to go about things a little differently. Which brings me to Valentines Day. Not my favorite commercial holiday (if you can even call it a holiday) and I get sick when I see girls getting large bouquets of flowers reminding everyone around their desks or at their work place that they are desired even if there is no meaning behind them.
Then I met Steve and it just so happens he loves this day. He loves buying flowers, cards, candy, and making dinner plans for silly expensive dinners that would be better and cheaper any other day of the year. What am I suppose to do? I give in, and actually start enjoying having one day, one excuse, to shower each other with heart shaped boxes and lavish cards filled with words of romance. Gosh darnit I love Valentines Day! We watched romantic movies last night, I made dinner, he dessert, drank champagne, and nibbled on a box of chocolates my husband brought home under his arm. Then we fell asleep on the couch in a sugar coma.


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