Sunday, February 22, 2009

Graffiti Chic Online Class- Now Open for Registration!



Learn the art of graffiti!!  This class will introduce you to the concept of graffiti and tons of techniques- layering, messy color, how to make handmade stencils, handwriting, different kinds of spray painting techniques, non toxic substitutes for spray paint, using household materials and tools, paint pens, free writing, and all sorts of other techniques and materials to create your very own graffiti compositions on paper, fabric and canvas that can be used in scrapbooks, journals, collage sewing and all sorts of mixed media projects. 


  • Class starts on March 9th and runs for 5 weeks (until April 5th)
  • Class costs $50 (thats only $10 a week!!)
  • Class will be held on a private blog that only registered students are able to access. 
  • Basic computer skills are needed (be able to login, access a blog, etc)
  • There will be TONS of photos, step by step visuals, video lessons (of yours truly teaching and demoing in my studio but not in my pj's), pdf class workbook, class outline, lessons, tips and lots and lots of inspiration to download.
  • A high speed connection if definitely recommended (because of the above!)  
  • New lessons will be posted each Monday and throughout the week there will be additionalposts full of inspiration, you will have the opportunity to work on projects at your own pace. 
  • Supplies needed are very simple, inexpensive craft items- (I strongly believe creating art should not cost a lot of money!!)  
  • Each week will also include live and private chats AND as much email support and contactas needed. 

  • Payment is accepted via PayPal (if you need an exception to this please email me and let me know).  
  • Feel free to register anytime before the last day of class which is April 5th 
  • Refunds will be made until the first day of class March 9th.  After March 9th refund will not be given.
  • Once you register and pay, you will receive and email confirmation with a supply list and details and login information about the site where the the class is held


AlexM said...

Woo hoo!!! I'm comment, and maybe to register!
Thank you so much! I've discovered you and your work yesterday night looking through Art Unraveled program and i just fell in love with what you do!
I am impatient to receive more details and to start the course!!!

Anonymous said...

I signed up yesterday as well, and am really looking forward to it!

Karen Cole said...

I am loving your work, Alisa.

I found you via the article in Cloth, Paper, Scissors and just spent the weekend in New York with some friends trying out your technique (similar). I posted about it on my blog, if you are interested.

I am seriously considering your course, however, I would much rather take a class in person. Any chance you are coming to the east coast????? It seems we have to travel west for anything.


Stephanie said...

I found my way here from Karen C. and have registered! and am soooo excited to hear more!!!

Russty said...

This is such a great class, Alisa. Its hard for me to travel due to having two small kids. Online classes are great for working when I can find the time. I'm so looking forward to this. I just signed up and I'm ready to make some art.

Anonymous said...

hey! I just paid for there a place to go to register? I haven't done that yet?
Excited to start with you!

Unknown said...

Can I still sign up? Looks very exciting!

Anonymous said...

Hey Alisa, I am late and have missed out to my regret.. love your style. Will you be holding more or repeating these?

Anonymous said...

Considering it's March 18th, can I still register for this class and have access to all information?
Please let me know, thank you.

Dawnie said...

Hiya Alisa
Have paid and looking to register my rock !
Dawnie T
living in the land downunder

Anon said...

hi, will you be running this class again in the future? unfortunetly I cant afford to take the class at the moment, but would love to do it sometime this year if it comes up again.

I just discovered your work and its amazing!


kecia deveney said...

will you be offering this class again? it sure looks fun.

Delta said...

Please let us know if you offer this class again!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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