Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Custom Clutch Give Away!

Another Custom Clutch Give Away!!

Its only Tuesday and I am already dragging- 
So I am having a another custom clutch give away!
Leave me a comment telling me something that you do for a pick me up when you are dragging, worn out or just plain ol' weary! 
(perhaps I can find some inspiration to recharge my battery!!!) 

You have until tomorrow night (wed) when I will draw a name and the winner will get to pick their colors, words and images for their very own custom clutch!


melissa said...

When I am dragging, like I am right now, I like peace and quiet and maybe some white chai or earl grey tea. a book, comfy long pants, and some coldplay. OR a bath with kissmyface bubbles.
Hope you feel better!

Russty said...

When I'm dragging I usually make a run to my favorite tea shop and get a nice big cup of hot tea. It gives me a break from work and helps me clear out the cobwebs in my head.

Kim said...

When I am dragging, I read, because I always create pictures in my head of what I am reading, and then that gets my mind going again. I just have to say, I love your work.


Anonymous said...

When I am dragging, I like to make a small gift for either one of my friends or one of my daughter's friends. It must be someone who I know will be uplifted and love it.
That makes life better and perks me up.

nadia said...

I love to do yoga and that calms me and makes me focus. after I am done I feel recharged and refreshed. another pick me up is 1/2 cup hot apple juice, 1/2 cup hot water and pop a chai tea bag in. YUM! spicy and sweet all at the same time. enjoy! ciao!

Tiffany said...

Hmm, when I'm dragging I like to take time for myself... put on some comfy PJs (unless I'm already wearing some ;)) and work on something for me... whether reading a book, writing in my journal, doing an art/craft project, call up my best friend on the phone, whatever. Not something for work or school or whatever, but for ME. :)

I wish I had time to do this more..

lee said...

when I am dragging I go out and buy myself something I want and never have bought myself. Because either I think I dont need it, or really should not buy it. So I buy it and dont think about the cost or anything I just enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Put on some good music and dance!

Anonymous said...

hey Alisa,
When I am dragging I do a whole range of things - I read books which inspire me (currently Danny Gregory's An Illustrated Life), crank up the music, go for a walk, sleep, eat yummy food (forget any diet - go for the yummy stuff!) and I spend time with my Pugs - they always give me cuddles and kisses and remind me I am 100% LOVED.
On a tough day, I do ALL OF THE ABOVE!!
And remember, we LOVE you!

Penney said...

When I'm dragging I usually grab a book or some art magazines and read until my mind clears and the ideas start flowing again. Caffeine doesn't hurt, either......gotta love Starbucks! Right now I am in an art slump so I just bought 2 new mags to read through tonight, hope it inspires me!


Anonymous said...

hi Alisa,
When I am dragging, one thing is guaranteed to change the tide. I get outdoors - that can be digging around in the garden, walking the dogs, looking at my world through my camera lens, or just sitting on the deck with a cup of coffee. Oh - no doubt, it is often difficult to overcome the inertia but it always works. This cure is independent of weather, time of the year or time of the day. It just requires pulling on some shoes and opening the door.

I hope this works for you too.

Anonymous said...

Darn - too late!!!
Saw your article in CPS or was it QA....still trying to find the paint/ink you used on the plastic bags....

Lynnette April Over The Moon said...

I like you Paint and make some thing!! I had kidney surgery several years ago and was on laying flat bed rest. I grabbed some paints, a brush and painted laying down until I fell asleep from the drugs!! Some how that made me feel better.

I drag around a lot because of health issues so I push myself to do things because no one knows what tomorrow will bring?? By making a little some thing always makes me cheer up and I feel better!!!Hope you feel much better!!

Love Your ART and what you do!!!


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