Thursday, February 05, 2009

Black, White and Red All Over

Despite the fact the my arms feel like jello due to an extreme amount of playing my new Wii (it was an early birthday gift- like a month and a half early- from my husband!) I have been sewing and painting away and creating lots and lots of new purses for my shop. I will be posting some really fun black and white clutches with lots of texture this weekend! I have also been preparing to film a techniques DVD for Quilting Arts and an episode for Quilting Arts TV at the end of February. I am SUPER excited to actually have to opportunity to SHOW my techniques rather than write about them- being messy and creative translates so much better when you see it!  

In the meantime I am enjoying the sound of rain on the roof and getting ready to get into the boxing ring with my husband on the Wii- I think I am addicted!!

1 comment:

lee said...

Love your art and your site. Am going to try to fuse bags tonight. I have a copy of the Cloth paper magazine with instructions. I love yours


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