Friday, January 04, 2008

Italy Here I Come!!

So it is official I will be kicking off my book release in Italy! You know what they say...go big or go home?!?!? Below is more information and links- feel free to email me with any questions!!

Toscana Americana Workshops
"Canvas Remix
in Tuscany"
Alisa Burke
Cortona, Italy June 28-July5, 2008
Join painter and mixed media artist Alisa Burke for a week of inspiration, travel and creativity. Marking the release of her new book Canvas Remix, Alisa will dedicate the week to teaching techniques and projects pulled from her book. With the village of Cortona as our backdrop, we will find inspiration in the sites, sounds and flavors- We will explore new colors, images, and ideas from our surroundings. Be prepared to delve into the world of a modern painter by learning about canvas and paint- techniques that range from free writing to graffiti to color glazing to splattering and making a mess! We will then push our canvas paintings and redefine your concept of art- Be prepared cut, rip, sew and remix your canvas into lovely objects and mementos that represent this amazing journey to the Italian countryside.


kelly rae said...

oh alisa, this is amazing. you must be so PROUD!!!! a huge congratulations to you! we were also in oregon for 10 days over the holidays - super dreamy. california just isn't the northwest!

JuanitaTortilla said...



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