Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Back to Life

I am back from Oregon and as usual I am kinda bummed to be back- I love the Pacific Northwest, I love the rain, the crazy weather, my home on the coast and I often go through a week of transition after spending a week at home. The week was relaxing, lots of hanging out, lots of visits to my favorite spots and lots of board games. Unfortunately I had to cancel my class that I was teaching at my parents gallery due to the crazy weather and snow on the mountain pass between the coast and Portland- too icky for Portland attendees to drive! (but I will return at another time to teach!) in fact it took us almost 5 hours to get to the airport because of snow and ice! The whole week I was at the mercy of my husband and brother who just might like each other more than they like me! They were running around like they were 15 year olds looking for trouble, playing games, and teasing me- YIKES! But overall it was good to step away from stuff, good to take a break and get ready for the next big push! I can thankfully say that I just sent off my last author review for my book and the next time I see it, it will look like a book- I can't wait! So much to do, so many decisions to make for our lives, lots of exciting things to come!

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