Friday, January 18, 2008

Embrace the Unknown!

Oh my goodness, my brain is tired, my head hurts and I am officially spent! Things have been crazy these last couple of weeks as we begin the process to maybe buy our first home- yikes!! So many decisions to make and things to think about and it is just now dawning on me at age 32 that I just might officially be an adult! I have gotten very few creative tasks accomplished this last week because our evenings have been filled with conversations (thanks to me), emotions and of course tears (since I cry about everything). I have exhausted myself with worry and I am declaring today that I am finished fretting about the unknown and instead I am choosing to embrace the looming questions. In the meantime this weekend will be spent painting (hopefully a little bit for myself) and filling some little orders and working on all kinds of new and wonderful opportunities that have come my way. And… I must give a heartfelt thank you to Maryam from Marrakesh for the wonderful blog entry about the recent tote bag that I made for her- please go check out her beautiful blog!! Tonight it’s a movie with my hubby- I need to have some fun!

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