Monday, October 01, 2007

Before and After

So here I am before working 2 jobs plus working as a freelance artist and writing a book- so fresh and happy.....
And here I am now...working 3 jobs (1 of which is now includes making it as making it as a freelance artist which is actually taking up more time than my two jobs!) AND writing a book. My wonderful husband snapped this shot of me this weekend while I was typing, trying to work on the book...

But in defense of my crazy hair (which I am trying to grow out) and my dark circles and what I think is my tongue sticking out the side of my mouth- I was working my bum off this weekend on making purses galore-

putting up with my brother and my hubby moving the furniture and playing Halo 3 for hours at a time-

and of course trying to finish my writing...maybe after Oct 12th- my deadline- I can go back to looking like my before pic!


Anonymous said...

Oh my! I speak from takes about a month after the deadline to start looking like the before picture. It WILL happen, fear not. Just pace the donut eating so the fallen sprinkles can do double duty as embellishments.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Alisa, You crack me up. Please, do not wear yourself too thin and make yourself sick, alright?
xoxo, Tonia


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