Thursday, September 27, 2007

I'm an Artist- Not a Writer!

Is this week dragging on or is it just me? Thursday has finally arrived and that makes me happy but also stressed because this weekend is all about working on more writing for my book…ugggghhh. As I get older I am concluding that I have OCD and this whole book process is bringing it out in me!! I have to be wearing the right clothes, I have to be sitting in a certain chair, no background noise, and the worst part is that I fixate on every sentence and every word- and if there is not rhythm or flow (or what I consider rhythm or flow!) I just cannot move on- I stare at the screen, search for the right word and read my paragraphs over and over again…. it is taking me FOREVER! But I can happily say that I have all sorts of demand for my clutch purses and I am in the midst of filling little orders and making back up stock which is actually a really nice way to spend my writing breaks and these breaks are actually turning into more than just breaks and becoming long drawn out project time. But really, I am not a writer I am an artist so I will just have to give in to the flow of my strange process and finish this writing the only way I know how- procrastinate until the last minute (Tonia or Robin if you are reading this I am totally kidding!!)

In entertainment news- I was surprised last night that Kid Nation showed the kids chopping off chicken heads …CRAZY reality tv- gotta LOVE IT! And unfortunately I was a bit disappointed in Bionic Woman- I had some major hope since David Eik, the Exec. Producer of Battlestar Galactic (my most favorite show) is involved in this project and Katee Sackhoff (Starbuck) as well as others from Battlestar appear but I was kinda let down…BUT…I do love any show where women are fighting and kicking ass so I won’t judge too hard.


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