Saturday, September 01, 2007

Kickin' Back and Daydreaming

So here I am sitting at my little computer desk trying my very hardest to work on my book and the writing that I have left to do. But as it usually works, I am not inspired or in the frame of be an artist and a creative soul often means things are centered around emotions and state of mind- sometimes a curse and something that I have been really trying to work on! Life doesn't stop and wait for me to be inspired in order to get stuff done- in fact I have had to really train myself to do things even when I am not inspired, even the mundane things - otherwise nothing would get done in my daily life!!! Though I have actually been quite productive, I am just not feeling inspired anymore- so instead I am browsing through the latest Domino magazine, reading one of my favorite cookbooks, pacing around the house changing my clothes, eating gummy bears and day dreaming about the next book I would like to write- am I crazy or is this normal? To top off my lack of inspiration, it is HOT here in San Diego. The lovely 75 degree weather with cool ocean breezes has been replaced by 90 degree sticky humidity and those of us living near the beach don't have air conditioning- needless to say it is hot and I think I may just blame my lack of inspiration on the weather!! So right now I am kicking back and listening to this CD and fabricating another daydream- a daydream where I am on a trip in Udaipur, India staying here-
and though it is hot and humid, I am enjoying the weather because it is part of the experience...yes, I have just managed to kill a little more time pretending I am in India.


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