Monday, August 27, 2007

Lighten UP and Embrace the Good

So today is Monday, a fresh start to the week, a brand new day- at least this is what I am telling myself! My weekend was a challenge- Friday ended with more drama and “news” in my “professional life” which meant I had more to process over the weekend, which typically means me venting to my husband, crying then needing to plan, find hope, and figure out what is in the not so distant future for us. It is funny because so much of the stuff I have been dealing with lately has nothing to do with my creative life- my book, my art, my upcoming teaching opportunities, the demand for my purses all of this stuff feels good which is so fitting that the things that are authentic to who Alisa is are the things that keep me balanced and happy and don’t involve drama. The other stuff: in-law drama, day job drama, people that come in out of my day that challenge my faith and my patience- these are the things that throw me out of balance and often distract me from what is truly important like my marriage, my family, my art, my big dreams. Amidst my emotional highs and lows, I spent a good deal of the weekend writing and working on my book and also had my picture taken for my book as well as more fun photos which my hubby got to model for! Today is going to be a fresh start for my state of mind, time for me to suck it up and move on and embrace the good, hold close to the people who lift me up and just not take stuff so serious!!! In keeping with this goal I have attached a clip from last night’s flight of the Concords which made me laugh and smile and feel a little lighter!!!


Anonymous said...

The highs and lows can be annoying, can't they?? When I am struggling (which can be daily!), I try to remind myself that if the end of the world were just around the corner, that stupid thing that is bugging me, really wouldn't have the same weight.
This photo of you and your hubby is so lovely! I hope you can smile more often that not today, and I will promise to try and do the same. xo, Tonia

Lyric said...

AAAAH!!! the video made me laugh out LOUD!!!

Deep breathing. One hour at a time. I know you are in the middle of another supercrunch.... this too shall pass.

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