Sunday, August 12, 2007

Weekend Fun

What a weekend it was! Friday we went to the Del Mar Races- I have never been to a horse race or ever gambled (never even been to Las Vegas!) but I have a friend that owns a few race horses and has seats so we accepted the initiation to attend as their guests and we actually had a great time. Unfortunately I lost interest in the races after the 2nd race, which probably means that I don't have a gambling problem- I had more fun people watching! The best part was that we got to go down to The Paddock before their horse ran and meet the jockey and I got to take lots of pictures, we felt very important! Then after the races we got to go out to the stables and feed carrots to all the horses that had ran that day- this was the best part! Saturday my wonderful friend Duvy who is a photographer asked me to do a little photoshoot at a boutique so I got to try on clothes and get my picture taken! Then Sunday we went to church, then to a movie- saw Stardust which was a lovely movie and lots of fun. I worked on writing and purses for the the rest of the day and then sat watched all our favorite shows- Sunday is our favorite tv night starting with Big Brother, John from Cincinnati (which I love), Entourage, and last Flight of the Concords which might be my favorite show ever- it is brilliant-my husband and I laugh and laugh and laugh- check out my favorite clip!!

Now it is Monday morn and it is back to work and time to get serious about all the stuff I need to accomplish!!


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