Sunday, October 21, 2007

Artistic Journey

Oh my goodness what a week it has been- my blogging has gotten lost in the mix of everything else I have been doing but happy to say I have been able to fit in some time to relax and just hang out which is a necessity for me since these days it seems I have problems sitting still! I sent off the last of the writing for my book and boy was that a relief. Now it is back to painting and filling orders and starting to get back into teaching and YES… taking on more projects! I cannot help but reflect on things right now and honestly, I try not to analyze too much these days, often it holds me back and keeps me from enjoying the ebb and flow of life (in fact I am currently working on just being present in the moment and enjoying life as it comes at me). But it is hard not to think about my creative journey lately- the last eight months have been such a crazy experience. It all hit me this week when I saw that Canvas Remix made it to Amazon for pre-order- it was so lovely to see something tangible to represent this whole process. I have been chasing the dream of being an artist for the last 15 years and am still paying off my college education in painting!!! I have taken crappy jobs in order to work as painter on the side, I have thrown myself into the gallery world and often felt out of place and not happy, I have put so much of my energy obsessing over how I could just be an artist and support myself. Being a creative soul can sometimes be very tasking- there have been times when I look at friends who are happy working their jobs and just living day to day and wonder- why can’t I be like that? My life has forever been haunted by this desire to paint, to make things and to pursue an alternative lifestyle. But I think the last few years I have finally come to terms with the fact the being an artist is who I am, it flows through my veins and whether I am painting something alone in my studio that no one will ever see or if I am painting for a gallery show or if I am painting projects for a book- it doesn’t matter- it is all about being the person I was created to be and that is an artist- even if I still have to work a day job just a little longer…ugghhh!!

In honor of my own artistic journey and since I forgot to write my "Tuesday Blog Love" entry this week- I have included some more favorite links to blogs that I read every day (to keep myself entertained and inspired at work of course!) and they are all people who I consider to also be on their own creative journeys and it is so nice to know that we are not alone when it comes to finding ourselves and our places as artists!!!!

Kelly Rae Roberts
I discovered Kelly Rae through the book process- it seems I keep stumbling upon all sorts of amazing and creative people through other people online and Kelly is one of them- Kelly is also writing a book with North Light which will be released a little after my own and some day I hope our paths cross in person because her blog has been such a COMFORT to read. Finding yourself as an artist can be an emotional journey full of so many ups and downs but overall so fulfilling- Her blog and her lovely art fully captures this journey and what it feels like to discover your creative voice.

Deanna Wood
I love this blog!!!! Deanna not only depicts what it is like to be a working artist but she gives all sorts of really practical advice and feedback about everything from packing and shipping artwork to writing proposals- all very valid things to consider when trying to find your way as a working artist!!

Suzanne Clements
Oh my goodness, Suzanne Clements has guts to keep a blog documenting all of her rejection letters!! Such a genuine glimpse into the challenge of being an artist and trying to find where you and your art fits!! Reading her blog truly reminds me that we may have different artistic styles but the roller coaster ride that goes with living a creative life is the same!!

Misty Mawn
I found Misty after she left a comment on one of my Illustration Friday entries a while back and I have been a fan of her blog ever since! Misty is another person who seems to be seeking a life the fulfills that creative ache and her blog beautifully embodies her experiences and her passage into the life of an artist. Another inspiring daily read!

Diana Fayt
Diana Fayt's blog is close to my heart because I have parents who are potters (unknown fact about me!) and have supported, raised a family and continue to be successful with clay!! Not only do I love Diana's lovely botanical sketches on clay (probably because I also love to use botanical images in my paintings) but I also love reading about her journey as a full time potter!


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