Thursday, June 11, 2015

driftwood garland

Living at the beach, I am pretty much in love with driftwood. It is an abundant (and free) supply and every summer I put it to good use in my projects. Living at the coast you will see driftwood garlands and mobiles everywhere- they are a really cool way to add a touch of coastal decor both indoors and outdoors and they are also a really fun souvenir. The best part is that driftwood garlands are super easy to make!
I start by gathering driftwood and I will grab a variety of different shapes and sizes.

Next, I drill a hole in each piece of wood.

You can add all kinds of treasures from the beach to the garland (stones, shells, etc) but I like creating large white beads from oven bake clay- they are a really pretty and simple way to embellishment that driftwood.

The last step is to string all that driftwood and beads on a piece of twine.

I like to hang my garlands vertical but they can be hung all kinds of ways.

I love that simple things collected from nature can be transformed into something really beautiful.

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