Wednesday, April 02, 2014

driftwood flowers

I love that even simple things can easily be transformed, with a little paint and creativity, into something new! Recently I was inspired to create some whimsical wood flowers that I could for pops of color around the house. 

I dug through my driftwood collection (yes I actually have a collection) and picked out some smooth pieces.

  • I painted simple, colorful and whimsical flowers on each piece.

  • Next I drilled a hole in the bottom of the driftwood and using an old dried up paint brush (something I also collect) inserted the brush into the driftwood flower.

  • Last, I painted scraps of 2x2 wood blocks, drilled another hole in the top, added a little dab of wood glue and inserted the paint wood flower.

The result are whimsical little flower sculptures that brighten up any room of the house!


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