Wednesday, January 07, 2015

a peek inside my art journal

Over the holiday break I made myself a large art journal (measures around 10 x 10 inches). It is full of hand painted paper, scraps of wrapping paper, Lucy's drawings and a lot of blank watercolor paper. Like the rest of my handmade art journals we bound it with a spiral using my Bind-It-All. Since I took a little break from work during the holidays I actually spent a lot of time filling the pages with ideas, drawings, paintings, photos and doodles. While I have a lot more pages to fill, it was really fun to take time to time to just play around. For me an art journal, especially one with different papers and surfaces, is a wonderful place to experiment!
While you won't find me scrap booking (I'd rather just throw our photos into photo boxes), I've always enjoyed incorporating favorite photos into my art journals and sketchbooks. Recently I bought a little VuPoint Photo Cube- it is a little printer that prints off of your mobile device (no I was not paid for this mention! I did my research and this product fit my budget and my needs). 

It's a fun little device for printing small quantities of photos and it is small and portable so it is really easy to pack up and take on with you!

You also won't find me using any archival techniques to attach photos to my pages- I simply use tape! My art journal really isn't a place where things need to be perfect, instead it is a place to experiment and visually document the things in my brain and my life. Right now I am loving Scotch Expressions colorful and patterned tape.

p.s. I've got another batch of handmade art journals in the shop HERE!


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