Monday, March 03, 2014

canvas storage bags

Once upon a time our house was clean and organized...and then we had a kid! Now that Lucy is a toddler, it feels like there is stuff everywhere! From stuffed animals to legos (oh the ridiculous amount of legos) to cars and robots- we have a lot of stuff all over the place. 

Slowly but surely I am determined to get the toys and the clutter under control is a stylish way. Since I made some pencil holders a while back from canvas paintings, I've had a similar idea floating around in my head to create really BIG canvas storage bags that could be stored all over around the house.

I started by painting yardage of canvas. I wanted my storage bags to be pretty big so I used a roll of heavy duty canvas and began painting it. 

I really didn't want to paint anything that time consuming or too detailed- instead I wanted pattern layered on top of messy color. 

When the canvas was dry I sewed it into large bags.

My method for making bags-

I cut my canvas into a rectangle.
I fold it in half.
Sew up both sides.
Sew each corner (on the inside).
Turned the bag right side out.

Speaking of canvas, I sold out of my last batch of canvas messy pouches within 2 hours last week so I've got another fresh batch in the shop HERE


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