Monday, March 03, 2014

canvas storage bags

Once upon a time our house was clean and organized...and then we had a kid! Now that Lucy is a toddler, it feels like there is stuff everywhere! From stuffed animals to legos (oh the ridiculous amount of legos) to cars and robots- we have a lot of stuff all over the place. 

Slowly but surely I am determined to get the toys and the clutter under control is a stylish way. Since I made some pencil holders a while back from canvas paintings, I've had a similar idea floating around in my head to create really BIG canvas storage bags that could be stored all over around the house.

I started by painting yardage of canvas. I wanted my storage bags to be pretty big so I used a roll of heavy duty canvas and began painting it. 

I really didn't want to paint anything that time consuming or too detailed- instead I wanted pattern layered on top of messy color. 

When the canvas was dry I sewed it into large bags.

My method for making bags-

I cut my canvas into a rectangle.
I fold it in half.
Sew up both sides.
Sew each corner (on the inside).
Turned the bag right side out.

Speaking of canvas, I sold out of my last batch of canvas messy pouches within 2 hours last week so I've got another fresh batch in the shop HERE


  1. beautiful and useful!
    Greetings from Rome.

  2. awesome! just so creative!!!

  3. Wow Alisa,
    the bags are GREAT!!!

  4. This is a great idea, soft on the floors and beautiful! I followed your tutorial a while back for the smaller pouches.

  5. Thank you Alisa for the inspiration :)

  6. What a clever idea,you might neef a few more if Lucys got anything to do with it for all her toys xx

  7. I just love these Alisa! Just the perfect amount of color and such a personal touch for the home by creating them yourself! Pinned it for reference since we'll be moving to a real grownup house soon :-D
    xxDebbie (aka LittleDotOfCreativity)

  8. Can't say how much I love the shot of her head in the bag! She is a beautiful girl. Fortunate to have a creative/colorful Mom.

  9. jeannie lucky10:59 AM

    Love them....made the small one before....but how big are these guys?

  10. Wonderful idea! I've even got some canvas art laying around the studio I wanted to do something with - this would be perfect! Thanks for sharing. :)

  11. They are fabulous.....great inspiration! Love the photos of Lucy, as always. ��

  12. These are fantastic! Are they made with artist canvas?

  13. brilliance once again!! i soo need to make these for my littles.. thankyouthankyou!! xoxo

  14. Shipping to Europe yet?

  15. Hi Alisa, I love LOVE all of these! I'm ready for another class at your studio. Hope you have some coming up.


  16. This is PERFECT! Just what I needed, thank you so much! I think this might be a weekend project that maybe our son can even help us out on! Oooh!

  17. Anonymous8:49 AM

    Wonderful idea, so much nicer than Rubbermaid tote boxes!
    Your daughter is adorable, she has such an expressive face. Watch out duplos lead to Legos lol.

  18. Great idea! Useful and absolutely creative! Loved it, thank you! :-)

  19. Great idea! Easy, sturdy, and stylish. :)

    BTW, I was one of those that purchased a canvas pouch - been wanting one for ages, but they sell so fast. Anyway - thanks. I love it!

  20. Какие же вы классные!)


    Hi...i checked this out acrlylic paint on fabric - perfect.

    Greetings Geli

  22. Beyond fabulous! My eldest GrandLove has been bugging me to move away from the art center and outdoors to spray paint. I've ordered rolls of canvas and shall accommodate her wishes, as soon as weather cooperates. This is a perfect project for that medium.

    Your daughter is gorgeous… your artwork amazing. My favorite new place to be… I shall link you from my blog, as well, as did AuntPeaches, where I found you!

    Happy Spring.

    1. First one completed, unless my little artist would like to further embellish now that it's in sack form! Thanks again. GREAT project for kids and adults alike, with its quick gratification! Here ya go:

  23. Hi Alisa! I made one and I absolutly LOVE it! take a look at

    Greetings from overseas. Nelly

  24. Hi Alisa
    You are a good in your job. Thanks for sharing. Greetings from overseas.

  25. In love...want to make!!! Thank u for sharing...
    I think I'll make them for our home then donate others as well.

  26. Wonderful idea!!! This bag perfectly suits for kids to use:-) Jaslynn, Bizbilla

  27. Good Idea.. Thanks for sharing.



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