Monday, January 21, 2013

digital drawing

I have a confession to make...I've been very resistant to digital drawing, like down right stubborn! I love my good ol' fashion pen, paper and watercolors. But after watching my husband (an amazing artist) draw on his ipad for the last two years I finally gave in and decided to play around. 

Much to my surprise I liked it- in a strange, out of my comfort zone kind of way! I'm not gonna lie, I would rather be drawing on paper but the last few months my ipad has come in handy for those late nights when I can't get back to sleep. I pull it out and do a little drawing in the dark (something that isn't so easy to do with traditional supplies).

There are TONS of applications out there for drawing on an ipad or touch screen- the above are my favorites. They all have different tools and features but I like Paper 53 the best. Its simple and I prefer simple. I don't like lots of bells and whistles and Paper 53 has enough options for my sketching style.

While you could certainly use your fingers to draw on an ipad, using a stylus makes the process much easier. I use a Bamboo Stylus

The drawing applications all have their own version of pens, brushes, tools and color that you can use in all kinds of ways!

You can also keep your drawings saved and organized in sketchbooks or notebooks. 

I have been using this process in the same way that I use my sketchbook- a place to practice and document my ideas. 

I'm not gonna lie, digital drawing takes some getting used to. It kind of feels the opposite of drawing on paper and so far I have't been able to just relax and get comfortable with the process. But I have been embracing the challenge of trying something new!

How about you? Have you tried digital drawing? Do you have any favorite applications?


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