Wednesday, January 02, 2013

shop updates!

I'm kicking off the new year with a couple of fun shop updates! 

My latest stamp designs are here and WE are SO excited and inspired by the way that they turned out! A sheet full of feathers taken from the pages of my sketchbook. You can head on over to the shop HERE for all the details.

For all those international customers inquiring about when I will offer international shipping- we are working on it and I will update here on the blog when we find a solution.

Remember that sketchbook calendar/planner post that I shared last week? Well, I received so many inquiries, questions and feedback about the process and requests to even purchase my planner that I got to work creating something fun. I created a printable calendar/planner kit- 12 pages of colorful fun printables that you can download and use to create (or add to) your own unique calendar/planner!

The download is $10 and you can find all the details in my shop HERE!

The early bird special for my NEW and upcoming online classes ends today- January 2nd! See details in my shop HERE


dawn said...

What a fun way to start the year! Thanks so much for coming up with the calender pages we can purchase, they look AWESOME!! I've been having fun with mine and will add a mix of your art with mine!!SO EXCITED TO SEE THIS!!

I have the Larger then life class on my to do list this year, have to pass on for it now.
Will be adding the cusine one to my list now too, just starting a Meals in the 2013 cook/scrap/journal book for our family adn this will help so much!

Thanks Alisa for all you do and share with us!!
Happy New Year!

Emilia said...

I am happy to see the new stamps. I received the first set + feather stamp a few days ago and I have already made 3 journal pages. I really love the quality of the stamps.
I am happy you are going to offer international shipping, so I can order them directly from you instead of having them sent to a friend in the U.S.

phinner said...

must...have...feather...stamps! were you reading my mind?! I was just thinking I needed more feathers to go with the one I already purchased from you! so excited!!!

thanks! : .)

Tara said...

Just beautiful. I would definately take one of your new sets if you're able to work out your international shipping (I'm in Canada). Really nice start to your stamp line. Hope there is more to come :)

Indigene Theresa said...

Happy New Year!!!!! Alisa

I wanted to let you know that I've nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award!!!! hehe!

Check it out + then you can nominate other bloggers as well!

Dolarandgold said...

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