Sunday, July 15, 2012

updates from the studio

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We are slowly but surely getting settled into our new home and new life and let me just say that this entire process has been slow and more challenging than we are used to (hello baby who is mobile!) - but we are embracing the pace, the process and just giving ourselves time to get unpacked and comfortable in our new surroundings. I have jumped back into work and a number of creative commitments and its time for a couple of quick updates!

photo by my dad

Something I haven't shared is that I rarely, if ever ask for help or seek assistance. Everything I do in my creative business- from making art to online classes to photography to filming to editing to web design to html coding to email and all the other crazy things I do on a daily basis- I have been doing alone. Add 9 months of taking care of a baby all day- its been clear for a while that I desperately need help- my business has grown and I just can't do it alone anymore! The years of planning and preparation to change our lives and move to Oregon included the decision to bring my husband and mom on board to help me out with the business. I am happy (beyond happy) to announce that these two fabulous people have my back and will be helping me out in a variety of ways. You will likely be seeing more of them as we move into all kinds of new and exciting creative opportunities and changes!

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I've got all sorts of new online classes coming your way and I am so excited to announce the latest that will coming very soon- Ode to Nature. I will be sharing all of the information (and a giveaway) next week so check back in for the details!


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I have all kinds of fun stuff coming your way including answers to frequently asked questions, a peek into our new home, a look at the new studio space, sharing some of my favorite places and things here in Oregon, all kinds of new tutorials, inspiration and SO much more! Stay tuned!


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