Monday, July 23, 2012

new online class- Ode to Nature and a giveaway!

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I am so excited to be announcing my next online class- Ode to Nature! I have actually been planning this class for over a year but knew that I wouldn't actually start creating it until we began our new life in beautiful Oregon.

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My love of nature seems to carry over into every part of my life. From taking a walk- to looking up at the sky- to hiking a trail- to beach combing- I am constantly reminded of what a beautiful, miraculous and amazing world we live in!

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This class is challenge to get back to nature, that regardless of where you live- to get outside, to make time and space to explore the world around you, to look for inspiration in the organic, to seek out the small details (in the everyday and the not so every day), to open your eyes to beauty and inspiration and to discover ways to use the natural world and all its offerings in your art and creative projects.

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Ode to Nature is combination of process, prompts, inspiration and all kinds of creative techniques and projects. I will be taking you on a journey through the woods, over mountains, along beaches and bringing beautiful Oregon into your home! I will share my own personal inspiration, favorite places and things and also share ways to discover what is waiting in your own backyard and how to apply that inspiration to your creative life. We will doodle, sketch, paint, photograph, collage and craft our way through the natural world!

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I don't live near nature, can I still take the class?
In my humble opinion, nature is everywhere- not just in the majestic places! From city parks- to your local garden center- to urban landscaping- to clouds in the sky- to raindrops in a puddle- to the the birds that nest on telephone poles you can find nature just about anywhere! In this class I will be sharing all kinds of inspiring photos and video to draw inspiration from as well as sharing a variety of ways to open your eyes to your own world.

I have taken a number of your other online classes will this be a repeat of information?
Much of what I teach in many of my classes is based in a foundation of seeking/applying inspiration, sketching and painting but I try to always provide new content. While many of the video clips and photos may look familiar in my "promo material" I always provide brand new ideas, content and techniques for all of my classes.

I have no experience sketching, can I still take the class?
Of course! I try to cover a variety of different ways to go about the sketching process and so that students can pick and choose which works for their comfort level and experience.

For more details and registration information head over to my online shop HERE

In addition to launching registration today, I am also giving away FIVE FREE spots in the class!


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