Wednesday, April 11, 2012

funky baby pants

IMG_4346 copy
Since Lucy arrived, I've had to get familiar with the whole baby clothing world and I must say there is not much out there that is wild, crazy, funky and NOT PINK (at least in my budget). While I do like pink, I've wanted to have different options for my little gal- I mean she is the daughter some funky parents! So recently I purchased some simple cotton baby pants and collected simple materials and fabric paint and went to town creating a handful of funky baby pants.

I used dimensional paint (puff paint) (you know how I love my dimensional paint) and I scribbled on one side of the pants and folded them over to create a print.

Bubble wrap is the BEST! I cut it into strips and used it as a stamp. I then added a few messy brush strokes.


I used a piece of craft foam cut into a circle to create polka dots, I used a toilet paper roll to add more circles and then added a few circles with q-tips.

7069001027_0d702dda78_b copy

I used stamps that I made from craft foam and stamped all over the surface of the pants.

I used shapes cut from craft foam, swipes of color with a brush and added little details with a black fabric marker.


IMG_4319 copy
A simple black heart painted with fabric paint.

I used Tulip Soft Fabric Paint for all projects- one of my favorite supplies to use when creating unique painted clothing projects!


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