Thursday, July 29, 2010

the evolution of an idea

sdma copy

Remember this post about the evolution of an idea? Well, I am going to be sharing more of my own process when it come to seeking inspiration and how to apply it to your own work- with the hope that maybe it will inspire you!

In my creative life, I have found that it really helps for me to get out of the house, it is a MUST to get off the computer and into my surroundings when I look for inspiration- I make time every week to take mini field trips to what I call "my go to places". My "go to places" are about 10 locations within a 10-15 minute walk or drive, they are places that I know I will always find color, texture, design and inspiration. From a park, to the zoo, to the beach, to a construction site, to a flower stand, I alternate visiting my favorite places each week. Recently I spent the day at one of my favorite "go to places" the San Diego Museum of Art. While I cannot afford to visit the museum every week, I try to go once a month.

SDMA sketches
Armed with my sketchbook and camera, I spend time taking in the latest exhibit, sketching quick and simple ideas and taking photos of architecture, doorways, and sculpture- sometimes I even get scolded for taking photos of things that are off limits :)

I am always looking for a spark of an idea, often it is small- like color or a pattern but these little sparks always seem to get my brain going and then a concept develops and evolves.

thank you to my husband who was secretly stalking me with his camera on this day:)

After my recent trip to SDMA, I came home and went through my photos and sketches and I really liked this overhead shot of the fountain that is the middle of the museum lobby.

I played around with VERY simple drawings of the fountain.

And then I decided to use these simple drawing to create a set of mugs.

On one of my supply shopping trips to Michaels I found these little mug and porcelaine marker kits for kids- think mugs intended to have I love you Mommy written on them. They were on sale for $2 so I couldn't resist buying them and knew eventually I would come up with something creative to do with them.

I decided that the fountain inspired drawings would be perfect for the surface of the mugs and though the pens that were included were limited with color and quality, I made the most of what I had!

Here is how it evolved-








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