Monday, July 19, 2010

easy altered hoodie tutorial


A while back as I was browsing through though my local Anthropologie store (key word browsing!) I came upon these sweaters (below) and I loved the concept- square blocks of fabric applique on the surface of a garment- but what I don't love is the price of $100.00 for a sweater. While I do like browsing Anthropologie, quite frankly I never actually shop there- their price points make me really mad- but thats another story! Anyway, I decided to put my own twist on the concept but use a blank hoodie sweatshirt- a staple piece of clothing in my neck of the woods :)


I started with a white sweatshirt from Target for $16.00- that price is more like it!

Tip-When sewing and altering cotton (t-shirts and sweatshirts) I always purchase things 1-2 sizes larger (M or LG) than my true size (SM) to keep things fitting well once the the garment is altered with sewing or washed.

I used pieces of recycled fabric- from my scrap pile and from old clothing that would have otherwise been donated. I decided on only using variations of blue.

I arranged the pieces all over the surface of the sweatshirt and pinned them down.

and sewed them all down- EASY!

fyi-I used a universal needle and my darning foot (only because I use this foot for everything).






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