Friday, April 09, 2010

painted wedge sandal

I have a little bit of a shoe obsession and living in sunny San Diego, I gravitate towards buying lots of wedge sandals- perfect for warm weather dress up and feeling tall- I have many pairs! My most recent purchase was a pair of brown canvas wedge sandals (cheap and comfy!) that I thought would be perfect to alter with a little paint!

I picked colors that would look nice with the dark brown background- fun but not too bright- so they could still be more of a "neutral" brown shoe.

I painted directly on the canvas surface with acrylic paint (from experience I know it won't come off!)
I painted lots of abstract shapes of flowers.

I let the shapes dry and then added fine lines and detail.

And more detail.

and now I have a pair of whimsical spring shoes that nobody will be wearing!


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