Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Painted Parasol Tutorial

In my humble opinion, you don't need much to make something really beautiful! Give me a black sharpie pen and white paint and I think I could transform just about anything. When I was in Colorado last week I found some really bright paper parasols for $5.00 each at Hobby Lobby. I couldn't pass them up and knew that they would be perfect to use to demonstrate how simple supplies can go a LONG way!

Start with a colorful parasol (you could also use an umbrella), white paint and a black pen.

Open up the parasol and draw, doodle, free write (it's up to you!) all over the surface of the parasol. I didn't plan mine out- I just went for a spur of the moment floral inspired pattern.

Fill the shapes with white paint- it doesn't need to be perfect!

Once the paint is dry add lots of details, lines, etc on top of the areas that have white paint.

The result is a totally unique, one of a kind parasol to use or for decoration!


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