Sunday, March 28, 2010

one of my little dreams

Once upon a time (or about a year and a half ago) I ran into a lot of rejection with a number of "green themed" and recycling ideas that I pitched for a variety of projects. It seemed the opinion with craft industry professionals was that green is a trend that would run its course, that the market was flooded with green crafting concepts and eventually everyone would move on to something else. I've gotten used to rejection but it is always discouraging, especially when you don't agree and ESPECIALLY when the ideas come from deep in your heart.

I decided to forget about industry opinions and to follow my green, trash loving, creative intuition. I continued with my mission to spread the word- that dumpster diving can be just as fun as shopping at Michaels! I am SO passionate about my cause- about recycling, creating with intention and being aware of how we consume and spend money on the things we make. I believe art should come from the unexpected (even trash!), cost little money, it can inspire change, evoke a conversation and make you smile.

That is why when I received an email from Ms.Brown- an elementry school teacher in Canada- I got a little choked up. She is using my recycled city project in her classroom to teach the concept of community, shelter and wants vs. needs. They have started their own cardboard city, full of color and wonderful details that only kids can come up with! And while some artists dream of fame, fortune and industry success, my dreams are kind of simple these days- I want to inspire thought, conversation and change through art. Thank you so much to Ms. Brown and her class for making one of my little dreams come true (and for making all that rejection TOTALLY WORTH IT).


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