Friday, March 19, 2010

crazy and creative in public

I have now taken crazy to a whole new level-PUBLIC CRAZY!
You didn't think I was just going to hide my recycled city away in the house did you? As I worked on growing my city (this is now a weekly project for me) I was flooded with ideas and inspiration to take it on a photo shoot around town. It reminds me of a whimsical city by the sea and I had the brilliant idea to take it to the most whimsical REAL beach city in my backyard- Coronado, CA! I loaded up all my different cameras and left early in the morning hoping I could get an empty beach and could skip tourists and people that wanted to stop and stare. Of course I had no such luck- lots of lookie loos, runners in my shots, tourists who wanted me to take their picture, conversations about what I was doing and a lovely passerby who helped me out when my city (and shoes and backpack) suffered an unfortunate accident due to the rising tide! It was a little challenging to get as artistic as I wanted but overall I must say there is something strangely liberating about being crazy and creative in public! And now I am even more inspired with ideas and ways to use my city (which will need a little repair) so stay tuned!


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