Wednesday, March 31, 2010

eggs and nest tutorial

After purchasing a bag of plastic easter eggs for another project, I ended up having a lot of eggs left over and decided to alter the eggs and create pretty little nests out of fabric three different ways! All of them are easy last minute Easter projects and I liked them so much I will be using them around the house year round!

#1 white crackle eggs and nest

Start by giving the eggs a base coat of paint and let dry.

For the crackle- you could use crackle medium but I actually like to use craft glue to get the same effect.

Cover the surface of the eggs with a layer of glue.
While it is still wet apply white paint to the top of the glue and let dry.
Crackle will start to appear as it dries.

To create a fabric nest, use a bowl and cover with plastic wrap.

Drape white fabric (I used muslin) over the top of the bowl and apply fabric stiffener.
Let dry completely.

Once dry, peel off the fabric bowl.

Fill the nest with eggs!

#2 graffiti inspired eggs and nest

Paint your eggs with lots of messy color, swipes and lines.

Paint over the top of the bowl with more messy swipes and color.

fill the nest with eggs!

#3 decorative eggs and nest

Fill the egg with decorative designs using 3-D paint (like the pin wheel tutorial)
Glue little gems or embellishments to the surface.

Paint the nest and add the same decorative designs and embellishments.

Fill the nest with eggs!


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