Saturday, March 27, 2010

painted pinwheel tutorial

I love pinwheels- they are simply whimsical and remind me spring! When I set out to make my own out of paper- I quickly lost the inspiration to cut and fold. So while browsing my local craft store, I came across these tacky princess Disney pinwheels (sorry Disney fans I just wanted something more creative) and I couldn't beat the price- just 99 cents! I decided right there in the clearance aisle I would reinvent these pinwheels and turn them into something I would actually be proud to display!

Start by painting over the old pinwheel- I used spray paint but you could use acrylic paint.

Let the surface dry.

Decorate each petal with paint.
Honestly this was really time consuming because I was not able to take the pinwheel apart to paint so I slowly painted each petal while taking time for them to dry in between.

I used Scribbles 3-D paint because I wanted a very detailed pattern inspired by the look of a henna pattern but you really could do just about anything on the petals with paint, pens and lots of color!

Once I am finished, I will be putting all of my pinwheels in a vase to use as a centerpiece!


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