Saturday, February 14, 2009


It's no mystery for those who know me that I don't like Valentines Day and never have- I'm not sure why- I love LOVE, I love hearts, I love romance, I love going out to dinner, I love giving gifts, I love my husband, I love celebrating my love for my husband but only on my terms!! I believe that everyday spent with those you love and care about should be celebrated as if it were a holiday! So we are are not doing much celebrating today, in fact as I blog we are watching a horror flick (and its freaking me out!) and working on our laptops!  Maybe tomorrow will be more romantic!

My Saturday was spent like any other- working in my studio on the million things that I have to do and despite feeling under the weather, I actually got quite a bit done. I will be drawing names tomorrow for the custom clutch (see below).  And since I have a busy couple of weeks ahead of me, I am limiting my blog to just visual entires - time to try someting different.


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