Monday, July 09, 2007

Under My Belt

So day one of my photo shoot is under my belt! All my worries and anxiety are gone and replaced with inspiration and the reality that this is actually happening! Today went great- lots of fun techniques and a day full of re creating everything....again! I will share more in time! It is so hot here and I thought I would go walking once I got back to the hotel, but I just cannot take the humidity and heat- I am spoiled by San Diego! So I have been enjoying the cool comfort of my hotel room and cable channels that I miss out on at Bravo, Style and E!!!!! So needless to say I am happy and relaxed.


  1. I think I am typing this in the same bed as in the picture. Just started my shoot today and saw your book cover!!!!

  2. This is hillarious!!! Did you see any paint on the floor or the table- I trashed that room working on art! Congrats on completing your photo shoot- it was such a relief when I was done!!!



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