Monday, July 16, 2007

Home- At Last!!

So much to tell since my last post- I finished my photoshoot a day early and it felt so good to be done. Since I was not scheduled to fly out until Sat that meant I had a free day to do a little site seeing and wonderful Tonia took me to one of the best little craft stores I have ever been in called St. Theresa's Textile Trove- I was in heaven! So many little one of a kind goodies! Then we had yet another yummy lunch

(the week was full of fabulous lunches thanks to Tonia!) Then I got go visit my very first Hobby Lobby which I have wanted to do for a while since we don't have them in California and its a good thing because I don't need anymore places to blow money!! The week ended on a really good note and then.......... it all went down hill when I got to the airport on Sat. As the plane was pulling out it broke down on the runway, no electricity- no air and we were stuck, then back to the gate, still stuck and then we de-planed and all had to get new flights out! It was so late that there was nothing for me until the next day so it was another night in Cincinnati! I finally made it home late Sunday afternoon and I won't go into all the craziness but it was quite a travel drama will all sorts of craziness!!! But I am thankful to have made it home safely and though I am exhausted, I am just so thankful to have gotten the opportunity to have spent my time and energy on my passion!


  1. Sorry to hear you had such a hard time getting back home, but it sounds like it was all worth it. :) Congrats on making the cover of CPS (gotta go get myself a copy...keep meaning to subscribe but keep forgetting and then a new one comes out LOL). And congrats on your book!!! When is it due out?

  2. Thank you SO much for taking a peek and for your comment on my newbie-art-blog :-) I'm so flattered! I'm a new-but-instant fan of your work!! You're amazing! Thanks for the amazing article and expert instruction in CPS. Your article alone made me a subscriber!

    Thanks!! :-)


  3. I hear you about Hobby Lobby, I was there today with a friend. I have to drive about an hour to get to the nearest one so thankfully I can't go that often. I love it though, I was able to find the watercolors that I wanted plus some other supplies that I've been looking for that I needed for my art projects. Relax, now that your home. I hate spending the night in a strange city due to a plane malfunction. I had to do it in Atlanta, I wished that I knew someone there that I could call for a glass of wine and a vent session. No such luck. It was me and a vending machine. The restaurant was under renovation so no real people food. Just Dorito's. It was miserable. Hope your experience was better!!



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