Wednesday, March 04, 2020

6 creative ways to use an old sweater

I have been cutting up old or thrifted sweaters to sew with for years! It is one of my favorite materials to sew with when the weather gets cold. 
1. There is nothing cozier than a sweater pillow! This is a great project when you have a larger sweater.

2. A patchwork style blanket is a really fun way to put sweater scraps of all shapes and sizes to use!
TIP:When working with cut up sweaters there is a natural tendency for the edges to fray. I like to use a tight zig zag stitch- this keeps those edges from falling apart.

3. The arms of a sweater work great for creating arm warmers
4. Or even leg warmers or boot cuffs

5. Sweater scraps (like the arms or any long pieces) can be sewn into a scarf or a cowl.

6. Whimsical stuffed toys are a super fun way to use odd sizes and shapes of scraps.


Barb said...

Fantastic creative projects. Thanks for sharing.

Maya Kuzman said...

This is a fantastic idea Alisa! I am pinning to my refashion it with style board!

Helen Percy Lystra said...

Some great suggestions, thanks for sharing.


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