Tuesday, February 25, 2020

real talk with Alisa

When I left for college I made the decision to major in art- specifically painting. But my college art education was a wakeup call about what class critiques, teachers, opinions, business and the art world will do to your passion (spoiler alert- it can break your love of making art into a billion little pieces). I stuck with it despite the challenges and then I ventured out into the world with an art education that taught me that in order to be a working artist, I needed to show my art in fancy galleries with big price tags, get an agent and share my work in circles with money/ status. After some art shows under my belt and trying to be something that I was not, I quickly came to the conclusion that I DIDN'T FIT into this world and that was ok!

It was amazing because as soon as I accepted that art wasn’t precious for me- it never felt fancy- it didn't feel like it should be exclusive for people with money- I didn't care about status- I loved selling my creations at holiday bazaars instead of fancy galleries and I loved my glue gun, puff paint and and craft projects- this was the day that I WAS SET FREE! Set free to simply be myself- to love art and craft, be weird, unconventional, messy, rule breaking and not fit into one category.

And while building the creative business that you see today took me over 15+ years of lots of trial and error, it was that moment of OWNING WHO I AM that ended up being my secret sauce! I think we all have to travel our own paths (and no shade to the gallery artists out there) but it just feels so good to be yourself. To own all the things that make you unique and different, to let go of pressure and limiting beliefs about who or what you should be.

So if there is someone out there today feeling like you have "do all the things" that everyone else is doing, if you are making art/craft that you want to fit in, if you want get "discovered", if you are fueled by money or status or if you are hiding all the unconventional things about yourself...here is my advice- don't do it! It's just not worth it. You are blessed with gifts, you are unique and you GOTTA lean in to all those wonderful, wild and weird things that make you..YOU!


Deborah A. Pierro said...

Your words are full of wisdom, Alisa! Thank you for being you!

Mary W said...

GREAT post! Adding some beautiful words to my quote journal! Thank You!!!

J9nKidz said...

Amazing. Words that I really needed to hear right now. For myself and to help me understand others, like my children and their choices. (Especially Post Secondary school choices). Thank you for sharing. Also, is there a page where you share your favorite or most used White Paint Pens especially, on your blog or otherwise? I have a lot of the tools seen in most art blogs but the one thing I haven’t found that actually works over any paints WELL—white pens! Gel or Paint pens. None of them cover properly. Even the White Sharpie Oil Based don’t cover over acrylics... 😕 Feeling very frustrated by this. At this point, I don’t care how much they cost just to find a brand that works! Thanks again 🙌🏽😁

Linda Swanekamp said...

My art school experience was the same. The current style that was "in" was not me as I loved watercolor and fabric. I worked in the graphic design field, but advertising killed art for me. I taught public school art for a while, but the education established mindset killed it also. It took me years to surface again with my art. I make and design comfort quilts for those undergoing physical trials, give them away, and celebrate of the joy of creating and giving art to those who really need it, not those who can afford it. I fix old sewing machines for donations and scramble for supplies, but creating art is pure joy for me and the recipients.

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for bearing your heart and soul and sharing your truth! I wholeheartedly agree! I think that's a big problem with the world today is we tell people that you have to conform to a certain way in order to be acceptable and make money and that's not what life is about. To me life is about love and helping others. I know you helped me by sharing your artwork and ideas and I look forward to you and sharing your ideas each day it looks my mood! Thank you so much and God bless!

Dana Barbieri said...

Thank you!


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