Thursday, March 28, 2019

supplies for creating on the go

I pretty much always take supplies and an art journal with me whenever I am on the go! My art journal is a place to explore my ideas, painting, collage, doodling, drawing and printmaking. It is a small and accessible place for me to practice, explore and brainstorm all kinds of techniques.

I always have my favorite supplies in a pouch all ready to go so that I can grab it as I head out the door. And while there will never be enough room for everything that I like to create with, I always have a handful of supplies that are easy to use while traveling or running around town.
There are all kinds of at journaling supplies but these are what I tend to use most-

1. While I am not picky about the sketchbooks that I use, I am particular about my art journals only because I use a lot of paint and wet media which means I need paper that will hold up to all my layers and techniques. I typically make my own art journals and I always use watercolor paper or bristol paper because it is nice and thick and holds up well when using paint. 

2. I use watercolors all the time and even though I use a lot of acrylic paint in my art journal pages, I tend to only use watercolor paint when I am on the go. They are so easy to create with in a variety of settings and typically don't require clean up. .

3. I always keep a glue stick around so I can quickly glue collage ephemera or photos to pages of my art journal. 

4. I like to use tape (washi tape, masking tape, scotch tape, etc) to attached photos and collage ephemera to my pages. Often my art journal becomes a place to store ideas which means a lot of pages have little notes, ideas, pieces of doodles and photos attached to the surface.

5. I spend a lot of time drawing and doodling in my art journal pages. I always have a pouch filled with a good collection of mu favorite pens and markers. 

6. I collect large art pouches and I always like to have a couple of them filled with supplies sitting in different places (one in my car, in my studio, at home) so I can grab one and go without taking time to hunt and gather things.


Tonya @ Sprinkle on Glitter said...

I love the idea of keeping a few art supply bags by the door! Its like a party goodie bag when you're leaving :)

Helen Percy Lystra said...

Good idea. I keep one in my car and one in my studio that is easy to grab on my way out.


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