Monday, March 18, 2019

a peek inside my art journal

My latest online class Magazine Makeover is in full swing and I thought I would share a little preview of my art journal that is dedicated to only working over magazines. This process is such a fun way to play and practice using pattern, space, color and contrast!

Just a couple more days left to get in on the sale price for this this class and all my online classes! Link in profile


mamimade said...

Do you think you could use other women-pictures. Not the "beautiful", photoshopped ones? I love your pictures, but I would love to see, what an old, or a more fat woman would look like, when you give her the "Alisa-Power".

I hope you're not offended.I am just so sick of always and everywhere seeing the always same "Beauties".


Nancy said...

Thanks for the glimpse- I'm enrolled, and this class is wonderful fun!!

alisa burke said...

I would absolutely use just about any picture, in fact I actually also use lots of photos of family and people I know for this process (they just prefer not to have their pics shared online) but when it comes to magazines I tend to grab “high fashion” magazines because they are easily acessible and I like the use of space and composition in those magazines (not necessarily the way a model looks). In my opinion, high fashion magazines and ads NEED to include more ages and a variety of sizes of models! I am open and would totally use any image!


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