Wednesday, October 24, 2018

creative consulting sessions are back and a GIVEAWAY!

Friends I am so excited to announce that I have opened up spots available for Creative Consulting. I've offered creative consulting sessions the last couple of years during the new year but I thought this year I would open them up in the fall and through the holidays. I know that for many creatives, this is the times of year when we tend to be immersed in creating,  planning, selling, marketing and hustling and so often we need feedback, support, ideas and solutions. I want to be that person for you!

In addition to opening up this opportunity, today I am also giving away a free consulting session to one of you! See below for all of the details.

Creative Consulting Session

I love helping other artists and entrepreneurs harness their potential. In fact offering feedback, advice and planning about creative business is one of my favorite things to do! These sessions are for those of you who need inspiration to move forward, feedback on your art, marketing/branding advice, how to use social media, ideas and practical guidance for your creative goals. Over the years I've been asked all kinds of questions about building a business, making art, developing a unique style, earning income, teaching, writing a book, branding and more. And while I am not a life coach or a business coach, I am confident in my 20+ years of experience making, selling and growing a career in art. While my business started small, today I run a successful six figure creative biz that supports our family and I have lots of knowledge, inspiration and ideas to share.

This one hour creative consulting session is all about you! After corresponding via email, we will schedule a Skype/Facetime/phone call that is customized for you. The session will last for 1 hour (60 minutes) (with some flexibility) and I will address your needs, give your practical feedback, inspiration and ideas to move forward with your goals. Keep in mind I cannot guarantee changes for you, your art or your business but I can give you the jump start, ideas, steps, inspiration to go after the things that you are dreaming about.
More details HERE

Want to win a spot in class and a 1 hour Creative Consulting Session?

Leave me a comment

Tell me something you need help with in your creative work, business or goals.

I will randomly draw a winner an announce at the bottom of this post later this week.


Unknown said...

Hello From Istanbul!! As an international art teacher, wife and mother of a precious 3.5 yr old boy, I have loads of ideas! Now in our third year we're finally feeling settled into home and routine, and since my son is now in preschool and I'm only working part time I have the opportunity to devote more time to creating again! Figuring out supplies, sourcing things online in Turkish, contemplating workshops... I have so many dreams and ideas I hardly know where to start :) but I have registered for two upcoming artisan fairs in Istanbul in December to push myself to create! This will be step one. I have been an admirer of your art, work, and business nearly since you started your blog and I'm always in awe of how beautifully you brought Lilly along in your art making journey. I'd pay just for the chance to meet and chat with you about life ;) Off on a holiday next week to see Ephesus and travel turkey... then its go time when we get back! Greeting cards, canvases, ornaments etc first up for the holiday markets....then let's see :) Thank you for all the inspiration you've shared over the years! I've been eagerly soaking it up and tucking away ideas!

Tara said...

Alisa, I need help getting started with my creative business. I have played around for many years in starting a business and thought it would just happen if it was supposed to but it hasn't. So how to take the next step???

Peggy Festerling said...

I’m thinking of taking the leap of teaching online and really need some guidance in that direction. Thank you!

idyllicchick said...

I just opened my Etsy store yesterday! Yay! But the thing that I make is really a one trick pony. People only need one of them. Outside of repeat customers who will give future purchases as gifts, I need to learn to figure out how to bring those customers back to buy new things. I also need to learn how to market outside of my wonderful crazy supportive group of awesome friends.

Thanks so much for the giveaway opportunity!

Unknown said...

Wow, Alisa! What an opportunity. I am a full time employee right now, but the goal is to phase out working at the office 45+ hours a week, and transition into a full time creative business within the next 6 to 8 years. I have so many different things I want to incorporate into the creative business, and eventually I want to expand into a brick-and-mortar store. Just one hour to pick your brain would be heaven on earth! Thanks for the opportunity!


jabbott said...

I would love the help and opportunity

Unknown said...

I would love help identifying my customer base, as well as ideas on how to get my offerings out into the world-both online and in person. Thanks for the chance to win a consultation with you!

Jana Johnson said...

I'm looking for help to expand my art business further online and elsewhere. Thanks Alisa for this opportunity!

bentleycar007 said...

I need help with the "how tos" of marketing and the push to step out and make it happen (overcoming fear in creative businesses).

You have been an inspiration!

Karina Seppi said...

What an amazing offer! I think that sometimes my biggest problem is feeling like I am so far behind that it is hard to start. I am taking a marketing course, which is helping...but it also shows me even more areas that I need to improve as well. So basically, I would just need help aiming my work in the right direction.

Unknown said...

hi! i would learn anything from you.
your art looks effortless but im sure it takes lots of work i would love to know how to do something worthwhile with my little artwork.

Alisha said...

I always love popping online to see what new things you have created! I went to college for digital design, but ended up putting my dream as an artist on hold once I decided to get married (14 yrs ago already!) and had kids (5 kids ranging between ages 3 to 13). I've worked as a preschool assistant for the last 6 years and this year is my first year as a full time lead teacher! This last winter and through the summer I focused a lot of my free me time doing fiber arts, dreamcatchers and trying to bring back macrame and fiber wall art! Unfortunately, we just experienced a fire in our home (everyone made it out safe), but everything in my craft room is a loss. We are staying positive and know things will return back to normal eventually, but I know it will take a long time to replenish my supplies and find the time and energy to get back into the creative process. It is a good thing I get to create with kids every day and that we have such a great tool as the internet to keep our creative minds growing, or I'd be lost! Thank you for your inspirations!

BlueBirdLegacy said...

While I love to create, paint, sew and knit, getting a business start has just had me stumped. Never attended art school, but it would be a dream to start a business of my own. Where to begin, all the avenues are overwhelming.
Thank you!

Sherri Hanna said...

I'm an artist who runs an artist focused gallery in Half Moon Bay, CA. We focus on local artists, have the artists on site, and charge only a 10% commission on sales. Our challenges include getting people off of Highway 1 during the busy weekend traffic and increasing our visibility, I would love to get some ideas from you!

Unknown said...

I’d love to ask questions about merging my love of creating and art with my career as a social worker. I have struggled financially with both and know there are possibilities. I a introverts with no talent or desire for marketing and would love some feedback!

Unknown said...

Dear Alisa, What a generous gift you're offering us! I admire your art & always enjoy your marvelous creativity. Since you are so talented & we both share the experience of teaching, I'd be interested to know how you deal with group projects, when one student misses a session & falls behind. I'm torn between devoting too much time to help that student catch up and caring less, which means they may not be able to finish the project, which at the moment are mixed media projects. Keeping my artist's fingers crossed ✌šŸ½

Jill said...

Hello Alisa,
I have followed you for some time now and have taken several online classes. You have inspired me to find my passion in photography. I have also discovered printmaking. I made a giant leap last month and now have my cards on sale at a local bookstore! I am seeking advice on self promotion and online sales. I am an elementary teacher full-time and would love to make strides with my artwork. I have visions of being able to move into early retirement and have my artwork to support me.
Keep up your great work!! You are an inspiration!

Nora Anderson said...

Hello Alisa!
FIrst I wanna say thank you for all your time you spend to share your passion with us all! I have been following you for years, and LOVE all that you do! You inspire me!

I would love to know if it's best to do multiple different avenues of art since my brain seems to jump around often, and has so many different ideas.

Also just wondering on how to take the leap from my current job, into making and selling art instead.

I'm excited about this service that you offer! I think it's a great idea... share what you've learned thus far.

Thanks, Nora

Unknown said...

I'm stuck in a rut.......keep creating the same thing.....I need some advise.
shona brooks Minnesota

Unknown said...

Hi Alisa, I have been following you now for many years and you are an amazing inspiration on how to have a creative life and make a living out of it. I have a creative life, but I think I'm sitting on too many chairs now - teacher, fabric shop owner, I have written many patterns and one book, blogger but what I enjoy the most is being a textile artist. But how can make this the main source of income and the thing I spend the most time on?

MrsZ said...

Hi Alisa'. Your work has inspired me so much and through your classes I have learned so much! I need help promoting my DesignZ business. Tips about Etsy, social media, what's the best way to get my name out there.

MrsZ said...

I have learned so much from you in your on,one classes. I have DesignZ business and would love your ideas on how to get my name out there and what's the best way to sell my product.

Unknown said...

Hi Alisa,
I don't know if it is too late, but I am taking a leap.
To be honest, life is hard, especially with a 3 and 5 year old and working full time.
I am trying really hard to find time to create. It feeds my soul.
I have been talking with my husband and really thinking about going
down to part time. I am a middle school art teacher at the moment, and I do
love my job! But, I want to be true to myself as well. And I am trying to figure out what that is.
But, I'm not going to lie, it's terrifying. It is not just about me anymore. The decisions I make, as you
know, don't only effect me, but my family.
I know you can't tell me if this is the right path, or if it will all work out. But, I guess I am just looking
for honesty.
You have always been an inspiration to me. To hear your journey and to show you inside my studio
would be very exciting.
Hope to connect.


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