Wednesday, August 22, 2018

cardboard turquoise rings

If you are a long time reader, you will know that I LOVE getting creative and turning simple materials into something really fun! And cardboard is one of my favorite things to create and craft with. My parents will even tell you that when I was a kid, I would go through the trash looking for cardboard to use in my art projects. Cardboard is super versatile and it takes layers of paint really well. So well that you can even create jewelry with it. Today I thought it would be fun to share some turquoise cardboard rings that I created for my online class Camp Wanna-Create. This project is super simple but ends up being really dynamic!

I started with cardboard from our recycling bin and cut it into shapes. I collect turquoise statement rings so I cut my shapes a little larger.

Next I gave that cardboard a few thick coats of paint. While cardboard will never be waterproof, painting it will seal the surface from everyday wear.

After those layers of color dried, I used a rag and began dabbing different shades of turquoise, white and black onto the surface. My goal was to create a turquoise inspired look.

I continued to build up those layers of color with both a rag and a brush.

Then with a tiny brush I added a few details to look like veins in turquoise. 

Then I used gold acrylic paint around the edges to give the look of a soldered bezel.

Once the paint was dry, I gave everything a thick coat of polyurethane.

Last, I glued the cardboard to a ring back.

The result are some really unique turquoise rings that were made mostly from materials in our recycling bin!


Anonymous said...

Beautifully and Imaginative Sa

Ahmad Younes said...

very prrrrrrrrrretty

Gumbo Lily said...

Oh, I like!

Slavica said...

GREAT idea! Thank you. I collect stuff like cardboard for various projects for my grandson and me, and I will try this one today! When I open my mails, your mail is always the first one I read :)

Unknown said...

You have an artistic eye and a gentle hand.I also admire the beauty of you turquoise rock rings. I create jewelry also-mostly earrings. If you ever want medical grade surgical gloves to keep your hands nice and clean, email me at I have tablecloths also to keep your workstation clean. Keep on painting!

Unknown said...

You have an artistic eye and a gentle hand. You work is stunning. I make jewelry also-beaded earrings mainly. If you ever want to keep your hands clean, I have medical grade gloves. Tablecloths to keep your work area clean also. Keep on creating!


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