Wednesday, June 20, 2018

families belong together

If you are like me, you're heartbroken, feeling helpless and outraged about the family separations at our borders happening right now. I shared this post over on my Instagram account last week but I felt like it was also important to share it here. Immigration is a tricky subject and a hot bed for passionate debate and I understand that it may upset some of you but at this point but I believe this can be a uniting issue. I also feel that sharing resources feels important.

I spent that last couple of weeks gathering and researching a bunch of really tangible ways to get involved in the family separation issue and I am sharing them below.

1. First I want to encourage you to get educated! I know it can be overwhelming to absorb everything going on in the world but staying aware and educated is one of the most important things we can do as citizens of this amazing democracy. And please, don't just watch the news or consume media that makes you feel comfortable! Read and watch things from all sides and different opinions. I am a crazy liberal progressive Christian who consumes all media- even the outlets that I disagree with. This has helped me exist outside of my "liberal bubble" of information and stay informed and connected to the thoughts and beliefs of people different than me. 

2.There are NUMEROUS politicians, public figures and faith groups/leaders (the list is too long to include here) condemning the zero tolerance policy that separates families and have condemned the use of scripture to justify policies. I think it is always important to acknowledge, support and thank people for taking a stand for what they believe. It ain't easy. So please send support to the people (from all sides) standing up for this issue.

3.There are a lot of organizations working on this right now and they need donations and support:
United We Dream
Kids in Need of Defense
Asylum Seeker Project

4. Contact your elected official, right now there are three resolutions and bills (perhaps more by the time this is published) 

Fair Day In Court for Kids Act
The Help Separated Children Act
The Keep Families Together Act 

Yes we need comprehensive immigration reform but while we wait lets fix this current crisis so these children don't have to wait for that reform. Contact your representatives in support of these bills

5. Find a protest! The coalition Families Belong Together has organized rallies and vigils in cities across the country and June 30th there will be a nationwide protests. There is more information over at MoveOn

6. Many of these issues have been going on for a very long time but recent policy changes have created a crisis at our borders. Advocacy organizations have been on the front lines of these issues for many years and there are people doing some amazing work. Here are a handful of organizations that need support and donations:


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