Monday, June 11, 2018

a peek inside my art journal: prepping those pages

I have this theory when it comes to creativity- starting is always the hardest part. And in my opinion a blank white page makes it even more of a challenge. While I'm a very creative gal that spends most of her life inspired, a blank white page often gets me stuck, especially when my time is limited. But if I have a sketchbook or art journal that has pages filled with messy, simple color, I am way more inspired to get going. 

So I make time to prepare the paper in my art journal. I fill most of the pages with really fast, messy and colorful techniques. Once the pages are dry, I feel like I've tackled the hardest part...starting! Very quickly I've transformed blank white paper into surfaces that feel like they are in process and for some reason it keeps me from feeling stuck. Instead I feel like I have all kinds of paper just waiting for the next layer! Here is a little peek into what the first layer of those pages looks like.


Unknown said...

Wow, these images are so beautiful - it is so great to see more into your creative process! These pages are inspiring me to get my paints out, thanks so much!

Holly from The Art of Being Holly xo

Cat Stegall said...

yummy colors love your pages


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