Thursday, November 16, 2017

creating with Janna- floral wreath card

I am a huge fan of hand drawn wreaths, but sometimes I do not have enough time to sit down for hours to create a detailed and big drawing and sometimes I just might not feel like that either. So I came up with a solution for last minute cards and tags that are supposed to be handed out the same day – a very plain and fun version of a hand drawn wreath. I promise, you can´t do anything wrong here.

I used my favourite Tombow markers for drawing and scrapbooking supplies to create the card. You can use any markers, even children´s pens. When it came to adding a sentiment, I was lazy and used a stamp, I could have used my own handwriting instead or even created my own stamp. I like the clean font of the stamp though, as it creates a nice contrast to the slightly messy wreath.

Not that hard, right? As you see, I used very simple shapes, you can do this way more detailed and realistic, if you like. Also, try out different ways of drawing flowers, leaves and branches - it´s all about the practice. I recommend trying the markers in a sketch book and on a scrap piece of the cardstock you are using in the project first, as they react differently on every paper.

The great thing about creating hand drawn floral wreaths is, that each is a unique creation. It is also a great way to practice for bigger projects.

I hope this tutorial inspires you to try drawing a floral wreath yourself. I would love to see your projects, scribbles and process photos, so please tag me on Instagram with @jannawerner


Stargirl said...

Great card. I do so love things made with minimal supplies.
This would be so easy to turn into a Christmas card.
Thanks for sharing

elizabeth ann clawson said...

I can't wait to try that!!

Roben-Marie said...

Super sweet, thanks so much for sharing!


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