Wednesday, November 15, 2017

5 simple ways to use a brayer

One of my favorite creative tools is a brayer. A brayer is traditionally used for spreading ink in the printmaking process but I love using a brayer to apply paint. Today I've got 5 of my favorite simple ways to use a brayer.

1. I use my brayer to create colorful backgrounds. Roll that brayer over your surface- I like to layer color and roll it in different directions to create lots of texture.

2. You can also blend color with that brayer. Drop paint onto your surface and then roll the brayer through the color. 

The color will roll off the brayer onto the surface.

3. You can also use a brayer to pick up texture. Roll the brayer over paint and things that have texture or dimension to them (bubble wrap, fiber, etc).

Then roll the brayer over your surface.

You will get a really light reverse imprint of that texture.

4. My favorite way to use a brayer is to create an imprint by pressing anything that has texture to a surface. The brayer gives you the ability to press, roll and smush all kinds of stuff (bubble wrap, burlap, leaves, flowers, string, etc) onto your surface to create really great imprints of texture.   

5. You can also wrap all kinds of stuff around the brayer to create texture on that surface! I like using a piece of ribbon or string.

Roll the brayer wrapped with ribbon through paint and then roll it onto your surface. The result is really unique texture!


Ruth Inman said...

I love it! Those are great outside-the-box ideas! Thanks for sharing them... off to find a brayer!

blt said...

Thank you for sharing! Love your talent.

Unknown said...

Using a brayer for backgrounds is my favorite way to fill a white page up! But I haven’t used texture, I have to try that! Thanks!

Frugal Mom said...

Thanks for sharing these great ideas. Looking forward to seeing what your next set of classes will be.

Unknown said...

This made me look at my brayer in a whole new way! Thanks so much!❤


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