Tuesday, October 10, 2017

shibori inspired pumpkins

Fabric pumpkins are nothing new but I thought it would be fun to put a simple twist on them! I love shibori (ancient Japanese dyeing technique with indigo dye) and I thought it would be fun to create a big ol' batch of pumpkins out of handmade shibori inspired fabric!

I used some scraps of white fabric, a few packages of Tulip One-Step Dye Kits in blue and got busy creating my dyed fabric.

I used a few different techniques and a variety of different clips, rubber bands, folding and wooden shapes to create my fabric.

I followed the directions for the one step dye and let my fabric sit for about 6 hours then washed and dried it!

The result was some really fun pieces of blue fabric that have that tie dye/Shibori vibe I was going for!

Next, I got busy creating my pumpkins!

Creating fabric pumpkins is SUPER fast and easy.

Start by cutting out circles from the fabric. I cut out a variety of different sizes of circles. 

Then stitch all the way around.

Next, fill with poly-fil and gather the thread.

Stitch it closed.

Using twigs from our yard, I hot glued the stem into the middle of the pumpkin. 

Last, I tied raffia and craft paper wire around the base of the stem.

The result is a batch of beautiful shibori inspired pumpkins that will be used in our fall decor this year!



Denise said...

These are so beautiful and simple too!

studioGypsy said...

brilliant and clever as always.. and so love little miss Lucy.. who is growing up way too fast!! xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

I love that they look like little bits of gorgeous cloudy skies. Bravo! - Jamie

stefanie stark said...

Wonderful, enchanting and beautiful as all of your pumpkins! I love it so much how you create “tons of happiness” with easy and simple methods. Many thanks!


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