Monday, October 02, 2017

give more

Like many of you out there I am tired, sad, overwhelmed- my heart is filled with a stifling heaviness with all that is going on in our country and in our world and I am left confused about how best to make a difference in this mess. For some reason I keep coming back to “give more”.

GIVE MORE money to those in need.

GIVE MORE time to the things that call to your heart.

GIVE MORE of yourself to those in your life.

GIVE MORE of your gifts and passions to the world.

GIVE MORE of your voice about the things that need to be talked about.

GIVE MORE love to those who are broken.

GIVE MORE understanding to those we disagree with.

GIVE MORE patience to situations that move slowly.

GIVE MORE action to things that need to change.

GIVE MORE in big ways, GIVE MORE in simple ways.

And just when it feels like you’ve given all that you can…you get back up and you GIVE SOME MORE! I'm not always good at giving more but I want to get better and right now this is the only solution that makes sense to my foggy brain and heavy heart. And just about the only way that I know how to move forward through all this chaos. Wanna join me? 


Emily said...

Yes. So yes. Thanks for the reminder and 'giving' us the nudge see how we can make a positive contribution when we feel very helpless.

Anne said...

Hi Alisa, it is the same here in France as in other european countries. You are damnly right. Let us give more, I feel like that as well.
And thank you for all you have already given to us.

susanne fyfe said...

Beautifully said! <3

Pamela Harris said...

Yes. Absolutely. I love this. Thank you for redirecting my heart, my brain, my hands, my attention, my focus and my mood. ♥♥♥


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