Monday, March 06, 2017

flat screen tv cover

Today I wanted to share a quick way to cover up a flat screen television. While I don't mind a t.v. mounted to the wall, sometimes (like when it's time to entertain), it's nice to have a way to cover it up with something that feels a little more like art! Recently we upgraded to a larger t.v. which meant it was time to make a new cover.

Start by painting either canvas or fabric that is a little larger than your television. I prefer to use fabric because once painted, it is thinner than canvas and easier to sew with. Your painting can be anything! I typically make my t.v. covers simple with messy color. 

The concept for this cover is basically like a fitted sheet. To be honest, I don't follow a pattern when I'm making a t.v. cover and I eyeball a lot of the process but below is the basic design. 

Begin by measuring your t.v.- ours measures 56" x 33". I am super visual so I measured and taped off the section of painted fabric to represent the area that would cover the front of the t.v. I actually added a couple more inches to my rectangle so it measured about 58"x 35" and then an additional 1/2" around the sides.

Next you will need to cut notches from the corners. Since our flat screen t.v. is really thin, I left about 1/2 inch of fabric on each side.

Next, sew the corners together. 

Then fold, press edges and sew casing for the elastic.

Cut elastic to size (this will all depend on the size of your t.v.). I used about 90" of elastic.

Attach a safety pin to each end of the elastic and guide one of those ends through the casing. 

Sew the ends of the elastic together and sew up the gap in the casing.

The cover should fit tightly over your t.v. like a fitted sheet over a mattress.

The result is a fun and colorful way to cover up that t.v.!

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