Wednesday, March 01, 2017

creating with jules- pom pom necklace

I’m excited to show you this pom pom necklace, as I think it’s one of those easy projects you can do but yet the finished product has big impact.

You will need:

scrap fabric
pom pom ric rac
tasselextra beads and/or pom poms (optional)
seed beads (or your beads of choice)
tiger tail (beading wire)
4 small split rings (1/4” diameter) - clasp
Tools needed:
- jewelry pliers, pliers, needle and thread, scissors
Take your wire and fold into three then twist it all together. My finished wire length once twisted was 2 1/2”.

Take a small piece of scrap of fabric, wind it around the wire and then stitch it all over to secure it down.
Take your pom pom ric rac and sew to one end of the wire length then wrap it all around. You can wrap lots of times or a few depending on how clustered with pom poms you want your pendant to be. 
Sew it all down catching the pom pom strand in a few places so it stays together. You can now sew on some more beads and/or pom poms and your tassel in the places you think need filling, or that look pleasing to you.
Play around with the placement of these decorative items to get the pendant how you like.
Sew two split rings on either side of your pom pom pendant.
Take two lengths of tiger tail a couple of inches longer than you want each side of the necklace to be. Place a crimp onto one end then through one of the rings, then back through the crimp. Press closed tightly with pliers and trim the excess away. Repeat on the other side.
Thread your colored beads onto the tiger tail, to the length you desire. My finished beaded tiger tail lengths were 14” on both sides, with 3” of pink beads before I switched to yellow.
Once you reach the end, place another crimp on, then a split ring, then back through the crimp and press closed making sure it’s all nice and tight. Again, trim the excess tiger tail. Before you crimp the other side, thread your clasp onto the split ring first.
Then, you’re all done! I think this is a really fun necklace and I hope you try one out for yourself. My two young girls think they’re fabulous! And I think the options for different color/ bead/ pom pom combinations are endless, so experiment away. 
Jules :)
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