Monday, July 18, 2016

creative exercise- double draw

I believe that creativity is all about pushing yourself, being open to new experiences and even welcoming discomfort. I've found over time, that it's in these moments that we grow evolve and find new ways of doing things. I'm starting a fun little series here on the blog that I am calling "creative exercise" where I will be sharing some simple exercises and prompts that I am hoping will inspire you to stretch those creative muscles. 

First up is something that I call "double draw" (or hand mirroring or two handed drawing or simultaneous drawing), which is basically drawing with both of your hands at the same time. This technique is a really good exercise for challenging your brain to examine the relationship between lines and shapes that make up an object. I am right handed and NOT ambidextrous so this exercise (something I learned a long time ago as an art major) is REALLY uncomfortable for me. But what I've found is that when I spend 5-10 minutes working through the process, it stretches my creative thinking and actually improves my drawing.
To get started you will need a a piece of paper (I am more comfortable drawing on a larger surface so I love using this paper easel paper from Melissa & Doug). You will also need two drawing tools. I like to use pens that are the same color and size but you can also experiment and play around with different drawing tools, in different sizes and even colors.

Before you jump into the drawing process, pick subject matter that you are comfortable drawing or things that have simple shapes and design and are symmetrical. This will make the process a little easier. I enjoy drawing flowers which means I like to start with my hands in the middle of the paper paper and work out from there.

Begin drawing with both hands at the same time. Try to synchronize the movement of your hands and the lines that you are drawing.
As you draw, stay aware of what is happening on both the left and right side of your drawing. I am right handed so the right side of my drawings always feel easier and they are clean and crisp while the left side can feel like a struggle and the lines look a little wonky.
I've found that working slow is more difficult for me because I have a tendency to over think the process. So I like to work quickly and instead of thinking too much I let my instincts take over. 

In my experience, the results are never a "masterpiece" or anything that I would use in my art projects but the process is somethings I really enjoy using as a way to stretch my creative muscles!


annette said...

Love this blog topic! Cant wait for more of these fun exercises. Thank you!

shona said...

I have been doing this for years! It is great for the mind and the skill set to concentrate on what you are drawing......

Domestic Diva said...

Thank you! Fun to watch...can't wait to try.

Elisabetta Brustio said...

WOW!!! Duble Artist!!!! :)

Unknown said...

Wow! I cannot fathom double drawing... but I see I need to the exercise!

Hastypearl said...

Curious about which side you look at more when you do this! LaurašŸŒ»


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